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Tips for Export Firms Suffering Anti-dumping Duty
Posted: 08/13/2014 14:48:48  Hits: 613
Economic Commission of Europe and Asia website announced on May 17th that they would impose 19.15% anti-dumping duties on Chinese stainless steel pipe over five years since May 15, 2013. This decision added insult to injury for steel pipe enterprises having suffered from the internal and external pressure.
EU (European Union) has been constantly taking measures to directly affect high anti-dumping duties imposed on China stainless steel tube. Export enterprises were forced to accept a price undertaking or export limitation, and they even unable to compete with the similar products in European Union. At the same time, the enterprise product line turned increasingly rapidly to India and other developing countries. The competition between enterprises became fiercer and the profits were slimmer.
In response to the negative influence of the anti-dumping duties of stainless steel tube, here are some suggestions for related export enterprises:
1. Improve the way of trade. Timely pay attention to the new foreign technical trade measures and anti-dumping information, and implement entrepot trade, avoid punitive tariffs, and reduce the uncertainty of payment collection for the third country which has not taken the measures of improving the way of trade. It is acceptable to adopt multiple means of payments for those countries such as Iran whose local currency devaluation is very serious in order to avoid the loss of trade receivable.
2. Adjust export focus. Export enterprises should actively explore other countries and regions outside the EU market, especially for some emerging countries. It is beneficial to take an active part in all kinds of foreign trade fair and inspection activities and develop new international market.
3. Promote industrial upgrading. It is advisable to reinforce the technological transformation for traditional products and the research and development for new products, to improving products’ added value and international competitiveness and to get more living space by improving the ratio of high-end products.
4. Play the role of industry associations. It is recommended that the industry association of stainless steel tube anti-dumping duties is to establish information release system on a regular basis, help enterprises to grasp the export situation, and adjust business strategy so as to avoid a campaign at a lower price and reduce the internal friction. 
Tips for Export Firms Suffering Anti-dumping Duty

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