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The Manufacturing Process of FBE Anti-corrosion Pipe
Posted: 07/18/2016 17:00:54  Hits: 55
The coating process of double fusion bonded epoxy powder coating is simple. This process can be conducted on the basis of the fine-tuning on the original single fusion bonded epoxy powder coating equipment, namely dividing spray gun into three groups. The first group sprays the inner powder; the second group sprays outer powder; the third group sprays recycled powder. Spraying powder can be recycled alone, also can be recycled together. Single-layer FBE scratch resistance is poorer. Construction may be affected. In order to improve this system and overcome the shortcomings, Landee pipe emphatically makes improvement on the FBE material modification. Double anti-corrosive FBE coating systems was proposed, which with the standard FBE coating layer at the bottom and with modification to outside anti-corrosive FBE coating layer. This double anti-corrosive FBE coating system, further improved the mechanical properties, enhanced the impact resistance of coating, scratch resistance, high temperature resistant ability and high temperature resistance to permeability. Meanwhile, it maintains a single compatible FBE coating and cathodic protection performance, won't produce cathodic protection barrier. The overall coating thickness is from 525 to 1 000 microns, the most high temperature can reach 115 ℃. It can be applied to all kinds of pipe diameter of steel pipe, elbow, special-shaped products and repairing of anti-corrosion coating. FBE powder coating methods mainly include: electrostatic spraying, the thermal spraying, suction spraying, fluidized bed spraying, etc. 

Double fusion bonded epoxy powder system is finished by a coating film with two kinds of different fusion bonded epoxy powder. The underlying layer is ordinary single-layer epoxy powder layer, offered anti-corrosion and adhesion; The outer layer is enhanced, providing mechanical damage resistance; Mixing layer is between two layers, for the basic material of two layers has the same molecular structure, has good compatibility, can form an organic whole, won't happen separation phenomenon. The overall coating thickness is among 625 ~ 1 000 microns; Using temperature is 115 ℃. This can be applied to all kinds of pipe diameter of steel pipe anti-corrosion coating. Double fusion bonded epoxy powder anti-corrosive system has the following advantages: high adhesive strength with the base material, good performance of resistance to cathodic disbonding, low bibulous rate, wide using temperature range; Comprehensive performance is equals to three layer PE anti-corrosion coating; Scratch resistance is excellent. Repairing can also use double-layer FBE: good compatibility, easy to operate, easy quality control, smooth coating surface. It can avoid the cathode block, and the matching rate with cathodic protection system is higher than three layer PE structure. This is a newly developed coating internationally. It is most suitable for cross location and stronger corrosion location. The disadvantage double fusion bonded epoxy powder anti-corrosive system is that the cost is higher. 

Epoxy powder coating is one of the main and good performance categories. It is widely favored by the market for its excellent adhesion, flexibility, and excellent corrosion resistance and anti-corrosive lifespan. With the rapid development of outdoor building materials and home appliances, as well as a variety of vehicles is increasing, the increasing demand for paint products, species number and performance requirements, have put forward many issues that wait to solved by paint industry and raw material factory. Powder coating coating with high efficiency, no pollution, and the development of new epoxy powder coating, especially new epoxy resin is still of great significance. Expert has introduced new epoxy varieties used in powder coating, and the current situation and problems in the process of application. 
Recently, WHT1500HF thermal forming automotive steel with tensile strength of 1.5 billion mpa has been forged successfully. It is introduced that the steel grade is mainly used in the manufacture of automobile frame structure, which is in line with the industry requirements that current car manufacturers want car framework be lightweight and solid. This is the hit product for car plate to adjust structure and to expand market.  
Because the component of thermal forming steel is special, the carbon equivalent is much higher than welding technology accessories design level. Therefore, the requirements of processing laser welding are stricter. To ensure that the steel production follow prograde motion, production, sales and research integration team  go into production site at the first time and fully carry out the trial test work.

The Manufacturing Process of FBE Anti-corrosion Pipe

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