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The Shanghai Glass-lined Equipment Exhibition 2018

Exhibition Name: The Shanghai Glass-lined Equipment Exhibition 2018 Exhibition Date: from 19th to 21st November, 2018 Exhibition venue: Shanghai Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center Contra...
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The 11th International Tube Industry Expo
Posted: 11/15/2017 16:04:25  Hits: 109
Time: November 20-22, 2017
Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center
Organizers: China Steel Structure Association Steel Pipe Branch, Shanghai Steel Pipe Association and Yangtze River Delta Pipeline Materials Industry Association
Co-organizers: Foshan Steel Pipe Industry Association and Changshu Steel Pipe Industry Association
Contractor: Shanghai Shen Shi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Steel Pipe Industry Association
200 steel pipe decision makers, top management and purchasing managers of petroleum, chemical, nuclear, boiler, natural gas, automobile, machinery, construction and underground pipe system projects will gather around the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The 11th International Tube Industry Expo focuses on development prospect of application markets of steel pipes, major procurement demand for steel pipes and the qualification of suppliers, coupled with discussions of hot topics such as opportunities for the steel pipe industry brought by the One Belt and One Road, transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, development directions of enterprises under the pressure of export anti-dumping of the international trade market and environmental protection. Participants can clearly know the future trend of the steel pipe industry.

Product ranges
Steel pipe products: Special steel seamless pipes, stainless steel seamless pipes, carbon steel seamless pipes, alloy steel seamless pipes and special steel welded pipes, stainless steel welded pipes, carbon steel welded pipes, alloy steel welded pipes, etc. 
Steel pipe equipment: All kinds of machines, testing and finishing equipment for pipes.
Pipeline auxiliary equipment and steel pipe processing: Pipeline construction equipment and large machinery, pipeline leak detection, cleaning equipment, pipe welding equipment, welding materials, pipe storage and transportation, spraying of surfaces of pipelines, heat preservation, fireproof materials, etc.

Tianjin Steel Tube Group Co., Ltd. 
Tianjin Yuantai De Run Pipe Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd. 
Shandong New Century Special Steel Co., Ltd. 
Zhejiang Chengli Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. 
Cangzhou Xingcheng Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd. 
Wenzhou Sai Ling Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. 
Zhejiang Jinzhou Pipeline Technology Limited-liability Company
Jiangsu Changbao Steel Tube Co., Ltd. 
Suzhou Meibeier Industrial Oil Co., Ltd. 
Tianjin Yofa Steel Pipe Group Incorporated Company
Changshu Steel Pipe Industry Association 
Foshan Steel Pipe Industry Association 
Weifang East Pipe Co., Ltd. 
Jinjiang the Yangtze River Steel Industrial Co., Ltd. 
China Pipe Network 
Jinan Maike Pipeline Technology Incorporated Company 
Tianjin Boai Pipeline Technology Development Co., Ltd. 
Wenzhou Guole Stainless Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. 
Yixing Di Xin Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. 
Shanghai Tianyang Steel Tube Co., Ltd. 
Shanghai Crystal Palace Steel Tube Factory Co., Ltd. 
Shanghai Steel Tube Industry Association 
Inner Mongolia, Taiyi Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd. 
Anhui Zhongshan Metal Co., Ltd. 
Cangzhou Weihao Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd. 
Shandong Zhongli Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. 
Bazhou Jinghua Metal Products Co., Ltd. 

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