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Pipeline Cleaning
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The pipeline is the equipment consisting of the pipe, the pipe fitting and the valve, and is used for transporting gas, liquid, or fluid with solid particles. Usually, after being pressurized by blowers, compressors, pumps and boilers, fluid will flow from the pipes' high pressure parts to the low pressure parts, and it can also be transported by pressure or gravity of itself. Pipes are used in a wide range of applications, which are mainly in drainage, water supply, heat supply, gas supply, long distance transport of oil and gas, agricultural irrigation, hydraulic engineering and various industrial installations.

Pipeline cleaning
Pipeline cleaning uses chemical methods or physical methods to remove dirt on the inner surfaces of pipelines to make pipes clean and ensure that original materials of inner surfaces can be restored.

Reasons for pipeline cleaning
Sludge and solidification of rust deposits are in the pipes for a long time and make pipes' diameters become smaller.
Long-term silt deposits generate hydrogen sulfide gases, which leads to environmental pollution and easy explosions.
The acid and alkali substances in the wastewater can corrode walls of pipes.
Foreign bodies in the pipes are not removed regularly and make pipes blocked.

Meaning of pipe cleaning
The raw materials of steel pipes, steel plates, stainless steel will form rolling skin in the rolling process; there are rust, welding slags, oily rust inhibitors as anti-corrosion coatings on the pipelines, dust , sand, cement, insulation materials and other impurities left in the pipelines when the pipelines are manufactured, transported and installed. The impurities we just mentioned can seriously influence normal operation of pipes. Therefore, we need to clean pipes in order to restore the materials of pipes' inner surfaces. A layer of dense chemical passive film will form on the clean metal surfaces, which can effectively prevent the forming of dirt again and protect the equipment from being corroded or chemical destruction, effectively prolonging the service life of the equipment.

1. Chemical cleaning
Chemical cleaning uses chemical agents to temporarily rebuild pipes; we utilize temporary pipes and circulating pump stations to have circulation chemical cleaning of the whole pipes from the two ends of pipes. This technique has characteristics of strong flexibility, no requirement of pipes' shapes, being fast, thoroughly clean, etc.

2. High pressure water cleaning 
Use high pressure water-jet with pressure greater than 50Mpa to peel and clean dirt on inner surfaces of pipes. This technique is mainly used for pipes with short distance and pipes with diameters greater than 50cm. The technique has the characteristics of fast speed and low costs.

3. PIG cleaning
The PIG industrial pipe cleaning technique is to make PIG move forward by the driving force of pumps pushing fluid in the pipes and discharge accumulated dirt from the pipes so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. This technique is widely used in various types of pipe cleaning projects, such as process pipes, oil and gas pipelines, etc. Especially for pipeline cleaning of long-distance fluid transportation, the technique has its advantages which can not be replaced with other techniques'.

Pipeline Cleaning

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