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Notes in The Process of Spiral Steel Pipe Welding
Posted: 05/18/2015 15:31:47  Hits: 390
Production process of spiral steel pipe is complex, but it is one of the most popular steel pipes because it can be used widely. Spiral steel pipes are produced through welding process, then what issues should be noticed in the welding process? Let’s find out these questions one by one.

Straight seam welded pipes are simple-produced with high efficiency, low cost and rapid developed. The strength of the spiral welded pipes is generally higher than that of seam welded pipes and narrow billet can be used to produce larger diameter welded pipes, besides, the same width billet can be used to produce welded pipes of different diameter. But compared with straight seam pipes of the same length, weld length increases by 30 ~ 100%, and production speed is lower. As a result, small diameter welded pipes mostly adopt straight seam welding, while large diameter welded pipes mostly adopt spiral welding.

Notes in the process of spiral steel pipe welding
From the aspect of economic benefit, pipe fittings of spiral steel pipes should not only meet the requirements of engineering design, but also reduce the cost as much as possible. But in that case, sometimes the selection of spiral tubes will be a small amount of many varieties on the whole, which is a disadvantage to the overall management of site construction material, control and needed material substitution for design change, etc.

In actual construction, the pipe institutional forms spiral welded pipes used in piping engineering are varied to meet different engineering conditions and the requirements of special engineering is especially stringent. In engineering design and selection, the higher strength grade of pipe fittings is, the higher security is, the greater engineering cost is correspondingly, which will cause unnecessary waste.

So both safety and economy should be considered synthetically when selecting pipe fittings of spiral pipes, as far as possible to reduce pipe varieties. In addition, factors like the site construction conditions, levels, and purchase cycle of pipe fittings also should be focused according to concrete circumstance.

Notes in The Process of Spiral Steel Pipe Welding

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