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New Development of Anti-Corrosion Material for Pipes
Posted: 01/08/2016 16:29:13  Hits: 186
Currently, the worldwide manufactures are attach great importance to study and research of anti-corrosion to pipes, and many new materials and technologies are emerging.

1. Double epoxy (double FBE). This material was invented by an American company named OBRIEN. The material combined the corrosion resistance and mechanical property of single FBE, and has more advantages, such as strong adhesion, soil stress resistance, and shock resistance. The double FBE mixed with two kinds of FBE epoxy powder andthe inner layer has the same function as single FBE which has the anti-corrosion property. The outer layer is the plasticized FBE epoxy powder which is mainly used to resistant the mechanical damage. The thickness of two layers is ranges from 525 to 1000μm, and suitable for anti-corrosion for pipes with different diameters and pipe fittings with various shapes. Manufactures can choose the different double FBE according to different needs and situations. The price of double FBE is varying from its structure and thickness but generally cost less than three-layers FBE. Due to its excellent properties and the increasing economical advantage, the double FBE will have a wide application in the future.
2. Liquid polyurethane coating (PU). This kind of anti-corrosion material has excellent performance which can meet anti-corrosion requirement in different environment and has good construction performance. The coating has hardness of HS (D) 80 to 86, has (having) fine anti-abrasion performance and certain flexibility. The coating also has the water absorption performance which can protect the electrical current for many years. The chemical property is good and has anti-UV ability. The highest temperature can up to 109 ℃, and the service life can reach to 50 years. Liquid polyurethane is easy to operate, has high quality and environmentally friendly, therefore is suitable for repairing the old coating. This material has already become the major method for repairing the old coating in the international market and also has a broad application prospects in China.
3. Nano-modified material coating. Make use of the Nano technology to modify the organic anti-corrosion coating can effectively improve the overall performance, especially can strength the harness, adhesion, aging resistance and weather resistance. Nano particles such as TiO2, SiO2, ZnO and Fe2O3 have ultraviolet scattering effect and add these particles into coating can strength its antiultraviolet ability. Adding Nano particles also can strength the sealing ability and the coating will have better waterproofing and anti-corrosion effect. Currently, there are some patents about the Nano anti-corrosion materials and some of them are in the market. However, the Nano technology is still in its infancy.


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