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Major Types of Welded Pipes
Posted: 11/05/2015 09:53:45  Hits: 252
This article introduces several major types of welded pipes, including their applications and standards in detail.
1.Welded pipe for delivering low-voltage fluid (GB/T3092-1993). This kind of pipe also known as general welded pipe, or black pipe, which is mainly used for delivering low-voltage fluid, including water, oil and gas etc. The specifications of pipe are presented by nominal diameter, which is the approximation of inner diameter. Traditionally, the diameter is expressed by inches, such as 11/2 etc. Besides directly delivery fluid, the pipe is widely applied as raw pipe of galvanized welded steel pipe for fluid.
2. General carbon steel wire casing (GB3640-88). This kind of welded pipe is commonly applied in industrial and civil construction, and installation of electrical equipment, plays a role of a protector for electrical wires.
3.Straight seam welded steel pipe (YB242-63). This kind of pipe can be divided in to metric welded pipe, welded thin-walled tube and transformer cooling tube, etc.
4. Spiral welded pipe for delivering pressurized fluid (SY5036-83). This type of pipe use hot-rolled strip for the tube, welded with double-sided submerged arc, and applied in delivering pressurized fluid. The pipe has excellent strength and welding performance, have passed strict scientific examinations and tests, reliable for use. The pipe has a large diameter with high transmission efficiency, and can save the cost of laying pipelines. Commonly used to conveying oil and gas.
5.General spiral submerged welded pipe for low-pressured fluid (SY5037-83). This type of use hot-rolled strip for the tube, welded with double-sided submerged arc, commonly used for delivering of water, gas, air, stream and other low-pressured liquid.
6. Spiral welded steel pipe (SY5040-83). This pipe also take hot-rolled strip for the tube, welded with double-sided submerged arc, mainly applied in civil engineering structures, docks, bridges and other infrastructure.

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