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Knowledge of Ductile Iron Pipes 
Posted: 08/25/2017 16:52:34  Hits: 15
Ductile iron pipes mainly consist of carbon, silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and magnesium.

Cast iron pipes with flexible joints are gravity type effluent discharge pipes, which are widely used for drainage of high-rise buildings' sewage and rain.

Ductile iron pipes adopt low sulfur or low phosphorus pig iron with high quality, coupled with scarce raw materials such as manganese and silicon; grain structures of iron solutions will be refined after iron solutions being processed by casting inoculation treatments, which can greatly improve tensile strength and impact resistance of straight pipes; centrifugal pouring processes with high-speed revolutions make ductile iron pipes more compact.

DN 50-200

1. Ductile iron pipes are corrosion resistant and there is no noise when water rushes in ductile iron pipes.
2. Ductile iron pipes have high strength.
3. Ductile iron pipes have service lives over 50 years.
4. Ductile iron pipes are easy to be maintained.
5. Ductile iron pipes are easy to be installed.
5. Ductile iron pipes are fire-proof.
7. Ductile iron pipes have good anti-seismic performance. 

The ductile iron pipe is a kind of cast iron pipe. Metallographic structures of ductile iron pipes contain ferrite and a small amount of pearlite after ductile iron pipes having annealing treatments, which makes ductile iron pipes have good mechanical properties.

The ductile iron pipe has essence of iron, performance of steel, good ductility, easy installation, excellent corrosion resistance and good sealing performance, and it is mainly applied to water, gas and oil transportation for municipal administration and industrial and mining enterprises. The ductile iron pipe is the first choice for the water supply pipe and is cost-effective.

Ductile iron pipes bringing safety to people's lives
The greater the demand for steel is, the larger the need for the pure metal raw material will be, which will cause severe damage to environment. An investigation by the National Health Bureau shows that the number of people who suffers from cancers gradually increases and syntheses of steel have high costs. Steel also has a great defect. That is, serious deformation will happen when steel is affected by sudden pressure. The presence of the ductile iron pipe eases these problems.

The ductile iron pipe can bear a great deal of pressure. Meanwhile, ductile iron pipes can reduce peoples' economic losses. Ductile iron pipes which are made of ductile iron transport essentials for people.

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