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How to Identify Forged and Fake Seamless Pipe
Posted: 09/09/2014 15:33:41  Hits: 919
There are several methods for you to identity forged and fake seamless pipes as follows:
1. There is often pitted surface phenomenon on appearance. Pitted surface phenomenon is irregular and uneven defects which were caused by the worn grooves. Forged and fake seamless steel tube manufacturers try their best to maximize profits. Therefore, it is common that groove rolling out of limits. 
2. The surface is prone to scarring. There are two reasons: first, uneven and inferior seamless steel tube materials and many impurities. Second, simple equipments of inferior materials manufacturers and it is easy to stick steel, and these impurities will produce rolling skin after biting roller. 
3. It is easy to be folded. Fold is the broken line on the surface of the seamless steel tube. This kind of defects is often throughout the entire product vertical direction. The cause of fold is forged and fake manufacturers’ pursue high efficiency. The large reduction can produce the ears, then the next rolling will produce fold. The folding products will crack after being bent, so the strength of the large thick wall seamless steel tube will reduce.
4. It is easy to scratch. The reason is that the poor forged fake manufacturer material factory equipments are easy to produce burr, and it scratches seamless steel tube surface. Deep scratches reduce the strength of the seamless steel tube. 
5. It is easy to appear crack. Its billet is adobe whose air holes are so many. The adobe which is affected with thermal stress can produce cracks after rolling in the process of cooling. 
6. No metallic luster. It is reddish or similar to the color of the pig iron. Reasons are that, first of all, it is adobe. Second, inferior material rolling temperature is not standard. Their steel temperature is through visual inspection, so it can't rolled by the regulation of austenitic area. The performance of the seamless steel tube naturally can't reach the standard.
7. Oval cross section. Reason is the factory in order to save material, the quantity of the finished product roll before 2 slants big, the strength of rebar is greatly decreased, but also do not conform to the standard of rebar shape size.
There are other ways to identify the inferior seamless steel pipe, such as thin and low transverse bar, superior seamless steel pipe with uniform components, larger fluctuation of inner diameter dimension, materials containing many impurities, etc.
How to Identify Forged and Fake Seamless Pipe

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