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Features and Application of PE Pipe
Posted: 08/18/2016 16:42:38  Hits: 21
PE pipe is used in agricultural and industrial fields and is commonly used in the application of construction industry, such as drain-pipe buried in the ground, gas piping. PE pipe is mainly used for urban gas supply, urban water supply, and farmland irrigation conservancy, etc. 

Main features of PE pipes: it is the appropriate combination of four basic variables: molecular weight, molecular weight distribution, additives and density. Different catalysts can produce polymers with different characteristics, can produce PE pipe material with different uses, can achieve the effect of the balance on the performance. 

Different PE pipes have different purposes: 
PE gas piping: the connection of gas pipe is more reliable. Due to the method of electric hot melted connection, the strength of the joint is higher than that of the pipeline itself. Therefore, it has impact resistance under the condition of low temperature. In winter, gas piping won’t be broken, for the impact resistance of PE material itself is higher; PE pipe is more anti-aging and its serve life is much longer. PE gas pipe can be used for 50 years in the open air; it will not be damaged by ultraviolet radiation; PE pipe is more convenient when handling, because PE pipe is much lighter than steel pipe, galvanized pipe and concrete pipes. So, it is easier for installation and handling, which use less manpower and equipment, reducing the installation cost. 

PE water supply pipe: it is hygeian, with no poison. PE material does not contain heavy metal additive and won’t born bacteria and produce dirt. Also, it can quickly solve the secondary pollution of drinking water, which is more in line with national standard of water; the lining is smoother and friction coefficient is low; PE pipe has good flexibility and strong impact resistance, contributed to its resistance to strong shock and distortion. 

In recent years, with the development progress of science and technology, plastic pipe is also developing quickly in China. The quality has been improved, PE pipe has become the main content in the construction industry, being applied in a wide range. The advantages of PE pipe make it be a leading pipe in plastic pipe industry. PE pipe with relatively high quality is developing quickly in China’s plastic pipe industry.

Features and Application of PE Pipe

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