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The Guangzhou International Pipe & Tube Processing Equipment Exhibition 2018

The information of the exhibition Exhibition name: The Guangzhou International Pipe & Tube Processing Equipment Exhibition 2018 Exhibition date: From June 6 to June 9, 2018 Exhibition venue: The I...
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Double-sided UOE Pipe Is Developing
Posted: 01/07/2015 17:00:56  Hits: 476
Large diameter, thick wall and high grade double-sided UOE Pipe is widely used in China in the field of steel structure in the nearly five years. China is focusing on advanced design concept of imported steel structure, attaching great importance to developing seam steel pipe as hardware. Double-sided UOE Pipe is applied in not only construction field but also port marine engineering equipment field, which has achieved good results.
Compared with the superiority of other steel pipes, structural steel tube is special in the component section properties, mechanical properties, economic benefits and other aspects. With its superior performance, structural steel tube is rapidly developing in recent years and it is applied in almost all steel structure fields.
The development speed of structural steel pipes in our country is much later than in Western Europe, North America, Japan and other countries. However, structural steel pipe in our country has developed rapidly in the past ten years. China has built some large buildings with structural steel pipes, such as Changchun Gymnasium, Yantai Multi-functional Gymnasium, CCTV New Site Project, Shanghai Stadium, Hongkou Stadium, Guangzhou Gymnasium, New Terminal of Beijing Airport, Guangzhou-Wuhan Express Railway Engineering, New Terminal of Chengdu Shuangliu Village L Square, New Terminal of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Shenyang Taoxian Airport, Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport, Bird's Nest and so on. Among them, Changchun Stadium is a large span steel pipe network shell engineering in which China first use large cross-section rectangular steel tube. The roof of New Terminal of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport is applied the domestic large pipe structure. The structure of the most famous Olympic Venues and Shanghai World Expo Venue are also applied the structural steel pipes, which play an essential and positive role in the application and development of structural steel tubes.
Double-sided UOE Pipe Is Developing

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