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The pipeline is the equipment consisting of the pipe, the pipe fitting and the valve, and is used for transporting gas, liquid, or fluid with solid particles. Usually, after being pressurized by blowe...
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China Underground Pipeline Expo, Nov 14-16, 2014
Posted: 09/24/2014 16:18:47  Hits: 539
China Underground Pipeline Expo, Nov 14-16, 2014

Event Name: China International Underground Pipeline Exhibition & Conference.
Start Date: 14 Nov 2014, Friday
End Date: 16 Nov 2014, Sunday
Venue: China National Convention Center 
City: Beijing, China
Organizer: International pipeline professional society, China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges 
Tel: 0316-2359772
Fax: 0316-6062228
Products: water supply pipeline, drainage pipeline, burning line, communication/power pipeline, industrial pipeline, etc.

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