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The Guangzhou International Pipe & Tube Processing Equipment Exhibition 2018

The information of the exhibition Exhibition name: The Guangzhou International Pipe & Tube Processing Equipment Exhibition 2018 Exhibition date: From June 6 to June 9, 2018 Exhibition venue: The I...
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China Oil and Gas Pipeline Expo, July 29-31, 2014
Posted: 07/10/2014 11:29:46  Hits: 620
China International Oil and Gas Pipeline Technology and Equipment Exhibition in 2014.
Location: Pavilion 1 to Pavilion 8 in China International Exhibition Center, Beijing, China.
Time: July 29-31, 2014.
Pavilion Allocation: Pavilion 3: oil and gas long distance pipeline and urban oil and gas pipelines
                          Pavilion 4: oil and gas pipeline pump valve equipment and pipeline corrosion protection, safety and monitoring

Approval agency: Ministry of Science and Technology.
Guidance unit: Supervision and Administration Committee of the State-owned Assets, the National Energy Administration.
Sponsor: China Machinery Industry Federation Organization, China's Energy Auto Transmission Group, Shanghai Electric Appliance Science Research Institute (Group) Company. 
Organizer: China Machine Lianhua (Beijing) Exhibition Co., LTD.
Official media:  China Energy News, China Central Television (CCTV), China's Energy Network, People's Daily Online.
Support units: China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petroleum and Chemical Co., LTD., China National Offshore Oil Corporation.
Relying on state-level large-scale exhibition "international energy technology and equipment exhibition", the government is ready for holding expertise exhibition in all areas for oil and gas storage and transportation pipeline and pipeline pump valve. And the local government is committed to holding international and highly specialized exhibition in oil and gas pipelines field by the help of mature resources of energy technology and equipment exhibition and the strong support from oil and gas energy giants.
A meeting held in the same period: the Chinese International Energy Summit in 2014 (the national energy administration officials and energy giants and equipmententerprises will attend it together).
Activities National Energy Bureau will be organized in the same period: technology progress prize award ceremony and exhibit (state-level activities) in National Energy Science in 2013.
Features: "the most beautiful oil and gas field exhibition in China” collects 27 large national oil fields together with the equipment dealer interacting with the site activities.
BBS of policy interpretation for oil and gas pipelines development in the next five years (energy bureau and three oil giants will attend the lecture).
Marine oil and gas pipeline technology and technology BBS (preach for enterprises).
Tundra of long-distance pipeline laying technology difficult problems to crack (experts and enterprises will jointly attend to discuss it).
Oil and gas pipelines welding technique contest (tripartite interaction for viewers, enterprises, spectators).
China Oil and Gas Pipeline Expo, July 29-31, 2014

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