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The Shanghai Glass-lined Equipment Exhibition 2018

Exhibition Name: The Shanghai Glass-lined Equipment Exhibition 2018 Exhibition Date: from 19th to 21st November, 2018 Exhibition venue: Shanghai Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center Contra...
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China Has Discovered Vast Oilfield and Gas Field
Posted: 09/16/2014 16:17:33  Hits: 500
According to The Outline of Prospecting Breakthrough Strategic Action (2011-2020) approved by the State Council, Ministry of Land and Resources, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and Ministry of Finance organize the implementation of the prospecting breakthrough strategic action. Over the past three years, prospecting breakthrough strategic action has achieved significant progress. New oil explored reserve is 3.947 billion tons, and natural gas reserve has reached 2.3 trillion cubic meters. It has been continuously found 800 million tons oilfield in Ordos, Tarim, and Bohai Bay Basin and six billion cubic meters gas field in Ordos, Sichuan and Tarim Basin.
In addition to the oil and natural gas, newly increased explored reserve of coalbed methane (CBM) is 287.7 billion cubic meters in Qinshui Basin and the east of Ordos Basin, which doubles the cumulative amount of 2010. Shale gas rate has first got breakthrough in Chongqing. The first whole shale gas field of billions of cubic meters was prospected, and the capacity reaches 1.5 billion cubic meters. New identified resources coal reserve is 188.6 billion tons. A batch of large and ultra-large coal mines is increased in Jiangxi and Shanxi. It has been found by uranium ore an ultra-large sandstone uranium ore in Ordos Basin, which is expected to be formed into a new pattern of development and utilization uranium mine in China.
The prospecting breakthrough strategic actions so far has been formed a batch of resource base rudiments. The national energy and significant mineral resource prospecting achievements are very remarkable within the past three years. The total number of newly discovery medium orefield and other higher class orefields is 451 (the number of orefield with large size is 162), among which a group of world-class large ore deposites of natural gas, uranium, molybdenum, tungsten, etc were found.
China Has Discovered Vast Oilfield and Gas Field

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