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The Guangzhou International Pipe & Tube Processing Equipment Exhibition 2018

The information of the exhibition Exhibition name: The Guangzhou International Pipe & Tube Processing Equipment Exhibition 2018 Exhibition date: From June 6 to June 9, 2018 Exhibition venue: The I...
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China and Russia Will Build New Oil Industrial Chain
Posted: 06/17/2014 15:14:41  Hits: 584
Working for new energy cooperation between China and Russia now, they will build oil industrial chain across the border. Russia will take northeast area of China for a preferred direction. The development and opening up policy in Heilongjiang province and Inner Mongolia in northeast border of China is treated as a national strategy. And for a long time, Da Qing and Russia Tyumen trade frequently with each other in economy and they are friendly with each other. 
When China and Russia were signing natural gas agreement, their energy cooperation was developed at further direction - moving from the direction of energy supplies to the industry chain. 
Due to several years of production in the oil field in Da Qing, the original high proportion of the energy industry of Hei Longjiang is shrinking and the industrial upgrading becomes the only way to break through the bottleneck resources. The development and reform commission (NDRC) in Da Qing is intended in transferring a part of related business of Da Qing’s petrochemical and gas industry into Russia Tyumen region. This formulation is at the preliminary stage and the amount of money of this plan will reach tens of billions of dollars. 

On May 21, President Xi Jinping and Russian president Vladimir Putin in the country, with the witnesses of Zhou Xi Jinping, the director of Chinese oil group company and  Miller, the CEO of Russia’s gas industry joint-stock company, signed the China-Russia eastern pipeline gas supply procurement contract, this large order about $400 billion laid the foundation for China energy cooperation in the coming decades. the future gas of Russia will transmit from Xin Jiang and Hei Longjiang to the Chinese hinterland through the pipe.
China and Russia will build oil industrial chain in northeast area of China - Landee Pipe

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