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Applications of Ductile Iron Pipes
Posted: 11/11/2015 11:00:22  Hits: 197
This article introduces the extensive applications of ductile iron pipes in detail. 
1. Fire protection
Ductile iron pipes have three times of safety factor in design, not only can protect the whole fire protection system, the fire valves and fire hydrants are also completely made of ductile iron pipes which are fully reach the working requirements of fire protection system.
2. Agricultural irrigation
For a long time, there are not so many requirements for the sealing performance of the irrigation pipes; however, the concept has been changed due to the decreasing water resources. In order to ensure the long-term permeability, the pipes for agricultural irrigation should be able to resist soil movement, water hammer and other unexpected conditions. The ductile iron pipes have strong adaptability, which can be expanded or modified easily without destroy the former pipes. 
3. Small-sized hydropower station
Currently, the small-sized hydropower station is a newly and highly developing field, generally, these hydropower stations are operated by local or private enterprises. The ductile iron pipes also play an important role in the field. The ductile iron pipes have excellent ability to resist the pressure of terrain, so that the pipes can be buried in pits and valleys.
4.Water conduit
The first step for water circulation is to use water conduit to get water from underground aquifers, lakes and rivers. Form taking to reserving, the water need to be tested and treated strictly before real using. The ductile iron pipes can adapt the whole procedure, therefore are widely used as water conduit.
5. Municipal reclaimed water
With the shortage of water resources, many cities are facing the severe situation of drinking water. Some cities have developed the reclaimed water, which is treated scientifically from rain and sewage, for road cleaning, urban fountains and cooling water of factories and other applications. Ductile iron pipes are also applied in the field. 
6. Other industrial use
The ductile iron pipes have the broad application in industry, such as papermaking, textile, concrete and steel etc.


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