API 5L Grade B SSAW Pipe, DN2100, 12M
API 5L Grade B SSAW Pipe, DN2100, 12M
Short Description
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China API 5L Grade B SSAW Pipe Supplier: API 5L Grade B Spiral Submerged Arc Welded Pipes, 84 Inch (DN2100), 12 Meters Length, 18mm Wall Thickness.

Key Specifications / Features

Keywords: SSAW PIPE, API 5L GR. B, 84" x 18mm Thickness, 12 Meters. 
Size: 84" (DN2100). 
Wall Thickness: 18mm.  
Length: 12MTS / EA. 
Materials: API 5L GR.B.

API 5L Grade B SSAW Pipe Parameters:
 Size   NPS   Wall Thickness   Pipe    I.D.  Weight per Foot  Standard to XXHY   Section    Modulus  Gallon Capacity Per Linear Foot
0.250 83.500 223.82   1373.52 284.47
0.375 83.250 335.23 STD 2051.04 282.77
0.500 83.000 446.31 XHY 2722.50 281.07
0.750 82.500 667.46   4047.31 277.69
1.000 82.000 887.27   5348.36 274.34

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