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The Shanghai Glass-lined Equipment Exhibition 2018

Exhibition Name: The Shanghai Glass-lined Equipment Exhibition 2018 Exhibition Date: from 19th to 21st November, 2018 Exhibition venue: Shanghai Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center Contra...
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Advantages of Stainless Steel Nodes Heat Exchange Tube
Posted: 12/03/2015 10:07:15  Hits: 212
With the constant development of industrial technology, the industrial equipment also has been developed rapidly. As a newly developed heat exchange tube with high efficiency, the nodes heat exchange tube has replaced the traditional ones. This new heat exchange tube has some unique advantages.
1. High coefficient of heat transmission 
The heat transmission coefficient is an important technical indicators, strength the heat transfer on surface of tube is an effective measurement to improve the coefficient. Nodes tube has a unique thin inner wall to achieve the heat transmission. The thin wall has special structure to decrease the thermal resistance and thus improve the coefficient of heat transmission.
2. Withstand high temperature and pressure difference
The inner wall of nodes tube is thin (0.5-0.8mm), but it applied a special technology and has unique shape, so it has greater capacity to withstand high pressure. According to professional test, the pressure that can destroy the pipe is about 20Mpa, therefore it is safe to use under pressure of blow 6.4Mpa in general situation. At the same time, the node tube has the material which can adapt super operating temperatures, even up to 450 ℃. The node tube is a kind of flexible tube which has certain thermal compensation ability, and has obvious advantages than ordinary tube under the condition of larger temperature difference.
3. Strong cleaning and scaling ability
Heat exchange tube has some problems about the fouling, corrosion and blockage and these are difficult to solve. Especially, when the tube in water with poor quality and treatment, these problems are more obvious and will heavily influence the function of heat exhanger. Therefore, it is important to maintain and clean the tube. The nodes tube applies stainless steel with high quality and has the intrinsic corrosion resistance, especially the unique external structure that makes dust and dirt more difficult to accumulate. What’s more, the dust and the surface of tube will form a force to let dust fall automatically, and realize the self- cleaning, which is the advantage that exclusively possessed by nodes heat exchange tube.
4. Long service life and reasonable price
The nodes heat exchange tube applied thin stainless steel. In the one hand, it will prolong the service life of tube; on the other hand, it will largely reduced the weight of products and save the material. Due to the decreasing maintenance costs and take less space, the performance of nodes heat exchange tube has been improve greatly and has the obvious economic benefits.

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