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9 Notes for Pipe Cutting Operation
Posted: 08/02/2016 16:43:54  Hits: 29
9 matters need attention for pipe cutting operation​
The dust removal device of cutting machine should be in good condition before cutting.
2. The spindle speed should be carried out after stopping running. When changing speed, gears should mesh to fully. When the machine tool is abnormal, immediately stop and check it. 

3. When placing the long tube into the material rack and loosening the strapping lead wire, measures should be taken to prevent the pipe rolling, shocking, hurting. 

4. When the machine tool is rotating, people’s body cannot touch any part of the driving part. When Operating, people should band cuff well. It is forbidden to wear gloves to work. The human head should deviate from the cutting direction. 

5. If use grinding wheel cutter, people should check whether there is any defect of crack on grinding wheel piece, whether it is affected by damp, whether the power cord is reliable. 

6. When cutting the pipe head, ensure that the pipe head won’t fly out and hurt people. 

7. To adjust cutting tool and prepare clamping work before cutting pipe. The length of the clamping parts shall not be less than 50 mm. Stopping barrier should be fixed, through clamping, loosen, forward, backward these trials, pipe cutter can start work. 

8. Nobody is allowed to stand in the front-rear direction work piece. 

9. It is necessary to stop pipe cutting for exchanging tool, measuring work-piece, lubrication, and cleaning tube head. 

9 Notes for Pipe Cutting Operation

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