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The 11th International Tube Industry Expo

Time: November 20-22, 2017 Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center Organizers: China Steel Structure Association Steel Pipe Branch, Shanghai Steel Pipe Association and Yangtze River Delta Pip...
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2014 Calgary International Pipe Expo, Sep 30-Nov 2
Posted: 08/20/2014 15:34:19  Hits: 533
2014 Calgary International Pipe Expo, Sep 30-Nov 2

Event Name: 2014 Calgary International Pipeline and Pipe Exhibition
Start Date: September 30, 2014, Tuesday
End Date: October 2, 2014, Thursday
Venue: Calgary, Canada 
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Products: All kinds of seamless pipes, non-ferrous metal pipe, machinery equipments, pipeline anticorrosion technology, all kinds of pipelines, pipe fittings, pipe welding, pipeline surveying, various connectors, precision tubes, alloy pipes, stainless steel pipes, etc.

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